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Commercial Property Realtor Fredericksburg

Management Services

At Blackwood Management, Inc. service is summed up in three words…execution, execution, execution. The reason most management companies fail in providing the service, for which you are paying, is that they fail to deliver on the fundamentals. The hallmark of service excellence is executing on the fundamentals of association management on a daily basis. At Blackwood Management, Inc. we are adept at delivering the services for which you have agreed to pay. We invite you to review the services that we provide, and contact us, so that we may discuss with you how we can help you to have a better managed community.

Our professional Association Management services include the following:

  • Data Management
  • Site Management
  • Financial Management
  • Management of Contract Services
  • Enforcement of Governing Documents

Commercial and Residential Management

Blackwood Management is a professional property management firm serving the greater Fredericksburg area. We are committed to providing experienced, responsive and effective management for all types of associations and commercial properties. Our firm currently manages: Commercial and Residential Associations and individual commercial properties.

Data Management/Technology

  • We employ the use of TOPs, an industry leader in association management system software. This system is a state of the art, proven software package that provides a complete and fully integrated accounting system for superior control of all accounts.
  • The system software updates and keeps accurate records on all unit accounts, owner histories, violation tracking, delinquent account management, property maintenance, payables, receivables, computer check writing, deposit reporting, and bank account reconciliations. Provides vendor management with computerized tracking of the entire vendor account.

Financial Management

  • Provide professional management for all aspects of billing, collection and record keeping using accrual based accounting practices.
  • Employ a full-time financial manager, who assists owners with any association or property related financial questions.
  • Provide on-line payment options to pay assessments and rent.
  • Assist Association in establishing website for access of community information.
  • Maintain a complete and accurate set of financial records such as balance sheet, income statement and general ledger. Assist CPA with the annual compilation, review or audit, as may be required, and preparation of the state and federal tax returns.
  • Provide statements for billing assessments on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis, as required. Process delinquent accounts and diligently pursue all past due accounts in accordance with established association and landlord policies.
  • Prepare financial reports for landlords and Board of Directors and provide information for annual/regular/special meetings, as required.

Site Management

  • Provide regular site inspections, report inspection findings to the landlord or Board of Directors.
  • Respond quickly to potential insurance claims and handle settlements as required. Establish that all required insurance coverage is adequate and enforce as required by landlord’s requirements or association’s governing documents.

Contract and Other Technical Services Provided

  • Assist development companies in the creation and establishment of a commercial or residential property associations.
  • Assist or oversee renovation work on properties, prepare budgets and obtain pricing.
  • Review and make recommendations on foundation documentation, organize and oversee initial meetings and elections, assist and educate new boards and their members in the proper role of governance and oversight.  Aide new boards in the creation of guidelines and rules and their implementation.
  • For existing associations, counsel association, to ensure that efficient and effective rules, procedures and processes are instituted. Review the governing documents to identify potential problems.
  • Prepare bid specifications, solicit and analyze multiple competitive bids for routine, recurring maintenance services, and construction or renovation work. Submit requested contractor proposals to the Board of Directors for their consideration/decision. Assist in monitoring contractors (i.e. general maintenance, grounds, security services, pool management, snow removal, trash and recyclables, etc.)