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Commercial Management

Blackwood Management is a professional property management firm serving the greater Fredericksburg area, committed to providing experienced, responsive, and effective management for all commercial property types and associations, such as retail, warehouse, and office property/condominium associations.


With decades of experience in residential and commercial development, Blackwood Management, Inc. counsels owners, investors, and newly formed condominium associations to ensure efficient and effective rules, procedures, and processes.


Blackwood Management excels in taking over troubled properties and condominium associations, identifying the various problems, and creating effective solutions that put them on a solid footing. We are experienced in turning around properties and associations, satisfying hundreds of customers, and bringing liquidity to tens of millions of dollars worth of real estate. Please, share your critical needs with us, and let us show you what we can do for your commercial association.


Our Experience in Commercial Real Estate Management

There are many commercial real estate types, from office spaces and retail to warehouses and manufacturing spaces. When it comes to managing commercial real estate, it’s important to have a management team working with many different types of businesses and industries. Our Blackwood Real Estate team has worked with many different companies and clients to ensure their commercial property is profitable and functional for the tenants.


Commercial real estate management is different from residential management. Not only are you working for the property owner, but you’ll also be communicating with tenants and indirectly affecting every client or customer that comes through the doors of the property. With residential properties, you’re ensuring that the property is liveable. With commercial properties, you’re ensuring that the property is functional as a workspace or a retail floor, serving both business owners and their customers and clients.


How to Manage Commercial Properties

Here are some of the tasks our team takes care of when managing commercial properties:


Communicate With Tenants

Communicating with tenants can be one of the most challenging things about owning an investment property. When you work with us, we handle all the communication that happens with tenants. This included collecting rent, sending property updates, and handing out notices. 


Property Maintenance

Not only does a commercial property need to be functional for workspaces and businesses, but it also needs to unkempt for the potential customers and clients that will work through the doors every day. A maintained space can leave a positive impression on each visitor and your tenants as well.


Enforce Property Rules and Regulations

When it comes to providing commercial space for businesses, it’s important to follow federal and state rules and regulations about your space. If your property fails to meet specific guidelines, it can mean big trouble for everyone involved. As property managers, we will stay updated on the latest regulations and enforce such rules for leasing out space.


Administration and Finances

When you own a commercial building, you may have numerous tenants at a time. Each account should be managed effectively to ensure the greatest return on investment. One significant aspect of any business that can significantly impact your success is administration.


We can handle administration for your commercial property building. This means we’ll stay on top of in-going and out-going payments, communication, and marketing. We also provide bookkeeping, budgeting, and financial management for commercial property so that you can stay on top of your business.


Investing in commercial real estate can be a successful money-making strategy if you have the right management team behind you. At Blackwood Real Estate, we provide premier commercial property management to the Fredericksburg and Northern Virginia areas.