Fredericksburg Commercial Management

The four key ingredients for success in choosing a commercial real estate broker are experience, knowledge, persistence, and professionalism. Blackwood Real Estate, Inc. has these key ingredients to ensure your success – with over 27 years of experience in commercial management in Fredericksburg.


If you already have the perfect property for your business, but need help managing, maintaining, and marketing it – we can help. Our team works to find solutions that meet our clients’ specific needs and we see every project through to completion, so let’s get started!


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Commercial Management in Fredericksburg

Finding a property to develop can be a challenge on its own, managing that development and creating a plan for its construction from beginning to end is an even bigger ask.


At Blackwood Real Estate, Inc. we have provided valuable development consulting services to our clients for over two decades.


Our team is not only familiar with the Fredericksburg area, but we also know the requirements needed to develop a commercial property. We can assist you in obtaining the necessary federal, state, and local approvals needed. In addition, we understand the importance of time and money you are putting into this project and will help you ensure your investments are worth it.


When you work with us at Blackwood Real Estate, Inc. you will work with a team that has more practical experience in the marketing and development of both commercial building sites and residential subdivisions than any other firm in the area. We will analyze your requirements and work with you to find the perfect real estate solution for your commercial management needs.

Fredericksburg Commercial Management

If you need to be on the ground in the Rappahannock Region, our company is the one that can get it accomplished. Whether you are a local business group or a national one, why wouldn’t you want to work with a firm that is local to the area – with experience and familiarity to assist you?


Because of many years of experience in Fredericksburg Commercial Management, Blackwood Real Estate, Inc. has the knowledge and network throughout Fredericksburg that allows you the best access to new and overlooked properties. At the same time, we will work with you to create commercial management plans that are beneficial to both you and the Fredericksburg area. 


The Blackwood Real Estate, Inc. team follows our commitment to clients through to the very end – if you don’t like what we’ve shown you, we’ll keep working until you do. 

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Blackwood Real Estate, Inc. is a full-service commercial real estate brokerage company, engaged in the sale of residential and commercial land, the sale and leasing of commercial properties, and development consulting for both residential and commercial properties.


Whether it is land in various stages of development or finished building lots, our firm can assist you with your unique real estate needs. If you’re interested in learning more about what Blackwood Real Estate, Inc. can do for you, give us a call today!