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Residential Association Management

Blackwood Management is a professional association management firm serving the greater Fredericksburg area, which is committed to providing experienced, responsive, and effective management for all types of residential associations, such as single-family homes, townhouses, and condominium associations.

With decades of experience in residential and commercial development, Blackwood Management, Inc. counsels newly formed associations and assists developers of associations in the creation of the foundational documents, resulting in the smooth functioning of the new association.

Blackwood Management excels in taking over troubled residential associations, identifying the various problems, and creating effective solutions that put them on a solid footing. Whether your association is having financial, homeowner compliance, and/or management issues, our Team can assist you in providing effective solutions for your critical management needs. Our experience in turning around associations has resulted in hundreds of satisfied customers, as well as bringing liquidity to tens of millions of dollars worth of real estate. Please, share your critical needs with us, and let us show you what we can do for your association.


What is a Residential Association?

Residential associations consist of a group of people from the same neighborhood, complex, or community that act as the voice of the community and address issues that the area may be facing. These associations may provide marketing for the community and residential guidelines.

When it comes to residential associations, subdivisions may have homeowners associations while townhouse complexes and condo complexes may have a community association. These associations usually have a government structure where there is a chair, secretary, treasurer, and committee members.


Why Create a Residential Association?

If you’re a developer and you want the community you’re building to uphold certain standards, a residential association can help enforce the rules and regulations. A residential association will communicate with residents and see to the management of community care.


How We Can Help Manage Your Residential Association

We Create Governing Documents

Before you can start a residential association, you’ll want to have governing documents in place that outline the role and responsibilities of the association. These documents will define what the association can and cannot do or enforce when it comes to the property of the residents. It will also define the structure of the residential association and the job descriptions of the governing positions. 

We Communicate With Residents

To uphold the standards of a community, the residential association will sometimes have to communicate with residents and encourage homeowner compliance to the rules set by the association. Our team is trained and experienced in effective communication skills that will encourage compliance with association regulations.

We Manage Community Maintenance

Residential associations are usually responsible for community maintenance, seeing to the care of the shared community areas. The upkeep of community areas can encourage the care of residential homes and complexes. Our team has a network of lawn care professionals, pool services, and building maintenance companies that can assist in caring for the community.

We Manage Finances, Accounting, and Budget

Most residential associations draw a fee from residents so that the residential association can continue to function. From this budget, the residential association will draw money for community maintenance, marketing, and community communication. When the financial budget is not managed well, the residential association may fail in its ability to serve the community.

At Blackwood Real Estate, not only do we manage budgets, but we also provide accounting and bookkeeping for all incoming and outgoing money. Our team has managed financial accounts for many residential and commercial clients. In order for your association to be effective, it must be able to follow a budget and keep track of its finances.

We have worked with many commercial and residential developers to come up with associations that will serve the communities they have created. We can also consult and guide the association in how it should function to be the most effective. To learn more, contact us today.